We Are GoodRoots Northwest

We are an innovative organization that explores the entire food system to solve access barriers, advocate for racial and food justice, promote health and wellness, and contribute to the region's economic development.

Since 2009 our organization had operated a traditional food bank serving a small suburban community, but in 2020 we quickly pivoted to a regional rural service provider for over 250,000 individuals annually.​

We view our customers from an asset perspective where the customer's dignity is paramount compared to traditional organizations where customers are viewed from a deficit perspective, and the customer's dignity is rarely considered. All decisions are driven with a customer focus on dignity and equity. We have designed a space that is a clean, organized, and thoughtful shopping experience that focuses on fresh, nutritional foods, and culturally inclusive foods.   ​

Our intentional support is multi-faceted to ensure underserved communities we serve have access to nutritional food. We provide food resources to those food insecure, implement innovative programs to remove food access barriers, and partner with skill centers to reduce food waste. Through our Market model and innovative locker systems we are making systemic changes that positively influence our customers' lives.  ​

Our purposeful design focuses on ensuring underserved communities have health equity, food equity, and equitable access to vulnerable populations.  Through innovative and sustainable food system projects like the one outlined in this request, we are making critical connections with technology-focused food access, innovative culinary education programs, the local agricultural community, and private businesses committed to the reduction of food waste.

GoodRoots Northwest


Cultivating a culture that ensures everyone is valued and respected.

GoodRoots Northwest

Equity and Access

Addressing inequitable systematic practices while removing barriers to food access.

GoodRoots Northwest


A network of collaborative partners unified in building outcome focused solutions through transparency and accountability


Food Secure Communities​


Food Security With Equity in Health, Food, and Access​


With innovation and a dignity-forward approach, we are changing the narrative and reimaging what community-focused food security can be. 


Our success is benchmarked by our organization’s core values:​

  • Innovation – Reimagining food security systems with new ideas, policies, and processes  ​
  • Impact - Optimizing and strategically leveraging resources  ​
  • Inclusion – Creating a culture that ensures equal access to resources and opportunity  ​
  • Integrity – Uncompromising ethical standards through practice, transparency, and accountability  ​
  • Influence – Leading by example in revolutionizing food security ​

The City of Bonney Lake introduced a food bank to meet the needs of struggling individuals and families in Pierce County. Years after the city closed the food bank, a West Tapps church re-opened it to serve those fighting food insecurity. When the church moved and merged with another church out of the city limits, they helped with the transition to ensure a food bank continued to meet the ever-growing need in our community. Bonney Lake Community Resources was incorporated in 2009, and later became Bonney Lake Food Bank.

In December 2020, (amidst a global pandemic), we moved our operations to its current home off of State Route 410 in Buckley, Washington. We had outgrown a structurally unsound small building to serve the more than 700% increase in customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We began leasing and renovating the structure, now known as The Market, and opened to the public in June 2021. This growth was made possible by generous donation, community advocates, and an unshakeable desire to put down roots. 

Since then, our programming has expanded to include our Market Fresh Lockers, our Healthy Kids programming, and more. This significant growth led us to reflect on our identity as an organization, and in December 2023, we adopted the name GoodRoots Northwest. 

To us, GoodRoots represents everything we stand for, and work so hard to achieve. GoodRoots refers to a strong foundation, like the roots of a tree or plant, or the fundamental values that underpin an organization. We are spreading roots for good, and hope that every member of our community can take hold.